District Attorney Staff

Working to Keep our Communities Safe

Below is a list of Assistant District Attorneys and Staff currently working for Scott Reilly in the 36th District. If you are unsure whom you may need to contact regarding a particular case, please call the office of the county where your case is pending and we can direct you to the appropriate District Attorney Legal Assistant (DALA) or Assistant District Attorney (ADA).

DA Staff 2019
Image: District Attorney Staff - January 2019

District Attorney Scott Reilly

Chief Assistant District Attorney (Catawba): Lance Sigmon
Chief Assistant District Attorney (Burke, Caldwell): Mitch Walker
District-Wide Juvenile ADA: Stephanie Renzelman

Office Administrator: Tammy West
District Attorney Investigator: Tom Adkins
For Media Inquiries: Nathan Key


Assistant District Attorneys

Jonathan Greer, Superior Court ADA
Ryan Hamady, Superior Court ADA
Scott Lippert, Superior Court ADA
Taylor Rockett, District Court ADA


Jeannie Hodges, DALA
Kathryn Isenhour. Superior Court DALA
Michele Newman, District Court DALA


Assistant District Attorneys​

Nolan Hancock, Superior Court ADA
Andrew Jennings, Superior Court ADA
Jennifer Mathews, Superior Court ADA
Ally Mashburn, District Court ADA


Greta Keller, DALA
Ashley Hinson, District Court DALA
Ann Spann, DALA
Brooklynn Williams, Superior Court DALA


Assistant District Attorneys​

Sean Baetjer, Superior Court ADA
Amber Eades, District Court ADA
Melanie Earles, Superior Court ADA
Ben Faulkenberry, Superior Court ADA
Patrick Finn, District Court ADA
Nancy Lee, Superior Court ADA
Jessica Phillips, Superior Court ADA
Howard Wellons, District Court ADA


Jordan Arney, Superior Court DALA
Amy Bishoff, Superior Court DALA
Dea Crowe, Superior Court DALA
Morgan Faries, Superior Court DALA
Erica Figueroa, DALA
Heather Helms, Juvenile Court DALA
Nathan Key, Superior Court DALA/Media Contact
Evelyn Sandoval, Superior Court DALA
Meredith Scott, District Court DALA
Britnee Ulsamer, District Court DALA